Meet Yeseul Na…

Yeseul Na

Yeseul Na was a volunteer at New Hope Cambodia who helped reorganise its school breakfast program for children. Yeseul hails from South Korea and has a master’s degree in nutrition. Here she tells us about her volunteer experience in Siem Reap.



Hello, Yeseul! Can you tell us about how you applied for this project, what do you wanted to achieve from it?

I applied for this project with New Hope Cambodia because I was hoping to help children with my talents, as I wanted to learn to provide support in a warm and caring way.

Yeseul with New Hope Cambodia


What’s the achievement you are most proud of from your volunteer project with New Hope Cambodia?

As their food nutritionist, I’m proud of the menu I came up with for New Hope. I’m particularly proud that the menu is now nutritionally balanced, as it was not before.

Yeseul with New Hope Cambodia

In what way do you think this volunteering experience help your future career?

I think this volunteering experience helped me develop leadership skills. Leadership is a skill that a food nutritionist needs, and I feel I didn’t have this skill before this project.


What would be your advice for future volunteers wanting to follow your example?

Have a good heart and do your best!


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