Meet Mayssa Benchenaa…

Mayssa at Free to Shine


Mayssa was a graphic design volunteer at Free to Shine (FTS), a child protection organisation in Cambodia. Mayssa is now here to tell us about her volunteer experience!


Hi, Mayssa! Do you feel the project makes an impact in its field?

I definitely think it does. Before coming here, I did not quite understand the importance and power that education has. Additionally, I did not realise that one of the largest challenges is keeping girls in school. FTS addresses this by ensuring girls’ basic needs are met by working with their families, creating local partnerships and facilitating community training to raise awareness and educate.


Do you feel that you have made a difference to the project?

I hope I did and I believe I have! The team has expressed several times the gratitude they have and how much I have helped them with their design and communications.


What challenges have you encountered?

One of the biggest challenges has been the lack of resources and the small team. My colleagues work tremendously hard, making it difficult to juggle multiple projects and get the time required to complete them. It was also difficult to have decision-makers abroad who do not work full time. Another challenge has been leaving, as I am working for free I feel somewhat guilty to leave and stop working. It has been difficult to set a boundary for me.


Did you manage to overcome any of the challenges?

I managed to overcome the challenges by taking initiative. I got things done on my own and suggested ideas and content type. We managed to find creative ways to come up with solutions on a small budget, especially for the A Mile in Serey’s Shoes (AMISS) visitor experience.


Mayssa at Free to Shine


What successes are you proud of?

I am very proud of my work on the annual report and the work for AMISS. I find that I have helped communicate the fantastic FTS story in a more visual and engaging manner. I have really enjoyed working on AMISS and improving the user experience of the activity. I wish we could have had more time to focus on it.


Did the project meet your expectations?

I was not too sure what to expect but I really did enjoy it and I feel like I have grown a lot as a designer. It has made me appreciate working in-house with colleagues who have very varied backgrounds and ways of thinking. Volunteering has affirmed my mission to work on purpose-driven projects and to follow through with that in the future.


Would you recommend this project to a friend?



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