Meet Joelle Millery…

Joelle at JWOC


Joelle is a seasoned professional with a business background who has completed her volunteer term with Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC). Here she tells us about her time volunteering in Cambodia.


Hello, Joelle! What’s the achievement you’re most proud of during your volunteer experience?

I liked a lot the fact that I was able to communicate effectively with all staff members. I was able to work with everyone at some point or another and to engage in cooperative work on some aspects of their work. I liked that a lot, because it gave me a real 360 degrees experience of the organisation and allowed me to see the way everyone worked toward achieving JWOC’s objectives.

Joelle at JWOC


Do you think this volunteering experience has helped your future career in any way?

I’m not sure it has helped me in any way, but that’s okay. I didn’t choose to have this experience for this reason. I just wanted to give back some of my knowledge to where it could be needed.


What did you enjoy doing the most during your free time in Cambodia?

I enjoyed sightseeing a lot. Siem Reap is a beautiful place with lots to discover in and outside the city boundaries with of course the Angkor – UNESCO World Heritage Centre, as well as Phnom Kulen (literally Mountain of the Lychees). The three-month volunteering period allows for a lot of adventures close to Siem Reap and even in neighbouring countries like Laos and Thailand.

Joelle in Cambodia


What would be your advice for future volunteers wanting to follow your example?

To not hesitate at all, there are plenty of things to discover on top of volunteering. Siem Reap is a multicultural city with a lot of offers for both tourists and locals. Sometimes, it’s good to just take a leap of faith. Life will give you back to the hundreds!



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