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Do you manage or work for a social impact organization based or operating in Cambodia? Do you need help identifying and recruiting skilled volunteers to assist with your development efforts or day-to-day operations? Professionals doing good can help!

We connect skilled professionals with meaningful projects for maximum impact

Professionals doing good is dedicated to igniting and supporting relationships that move organizations and communities forward. We work with skilled professionals from around the world who are looking for meaningful ways to give back. We match them with carefully vetted non for profits, social enterprises and socially conscious businesses in Cambodia that are committed to making a sustainable impact.

By focusing on skills transfer and capacity building, we help organizations implement innovative solutions to address key development challenges so they can continue making a difference long after the volunteer assignment is over.


Cambodia suffers from a shortage of skilled, qualified workers. While international volunteering is big business here, many initiatives fall short of expectations. Volunteer skills are often insufficient, poorly matched to the needs of the host organization, or not used effectively to develop the skills of local people.

At Professionals doing good, we take a different approach. We see professional volunteers as a great untapped resource and an effective way to assist local organizations with capacity building or long-term needs. 

We believe that when you select and scope a project carefully, secure the right professional for the job, and manage the work effectively, the impact of these volunteer efforts can be far reaching.

Professional volunteers bring many benefits

  • Strong work ethic and motivation
  • Operational immediately with little or no training
  • Industry expertise and knowledge of the latest techniques and best practices from their country
  • Ability to complete complex or critical work projects
  • Willingness to transfer skills to local staff
  • Financial self-sustainability


Why work with Professionals doing good?

We are experienced
We are professionals with many years of experience in the nonprofit and for-profit world. We have lived in Cambodia and also experienced other countries and cultures, and we have been professional volunteers ourselves.

We give you peace of mind
We provide you with access to a resource pool of pre-screened, qualified and experienced volunteers, that are aligned with your actual needs.

We save you time and energy
We will gladly take care of complex, time-consuming processes on your behalf, such as selection, recruitment, pre-departure, orientation and check-in of volunteers, leaving you more time to focus on your core activities.

We are affordable
As we operate on the ground in Cambodia, we are able to keep costs low both for our volunteers and the organizations we serve. Our goal is to offer a meaningful, worthwhile volunteer experience at the most reasonable cost possible.


How we can help

We can assist you at every stage of the volunteer recruitment process, from scoping projects, to helping your organization and your volunteer(s) prepare for the engagement, to reporting on learnings and impact.

1. Before arrival

We will:

  • Work with you to clarify and describe your volunteer or internship project opportunities.
  • Post and publicize your volunteer project opportunities on our website and with our extensive partner network.
  • Screen and pre-select professional volunteer candidates according to project needs.
  • Provide you the signed Volunteer Project Agreement.
  • Provide you all required volunteers’ documents (from copy of qualifications, reference letter to criminal record check)
  • Advise volunteer on pre-departure logistics.

2. During service

We will:

  • Perform periodical check-ins for quality control on both sides.
  • Assist with clarifying project goals and outcomes with the professional volunteer and mediate in the event of challenging situations.

3. After service

We will:

  • Complete a post-service survey with you and the volunteer to gather feedback and share experience.
  • Evaluate the results and impact of the project.

Our service fees

Our goal is to offer meaningful volunteer experiences at the most reasonable cost possible.

Non Profits
We provide our support services pro-bono for associations, foundations, NGOs and other non-profit organizations.

Social Enterprises and Socially Conscious Businesses
Project fee to be agreed and discussed.

Join us!

Professionals doing good only provides support to ethical, socially conscious organizations whose activities result in tangible and meaningful benefits for their community. As part of the application process, we will ask you to sign our Project Partnership Agreement and provide appropriate evidence that your organization:

  • Is officially registered (or in the process of being registered) either in Cambodia and/or abroad
  • Can be defined as providing a social impact on the community
  • Is based or operating in Cambodia
  • Has a website and/or a social media presence
  • Adheres to an ethical code of conduct or behavior

To learn more about the organizations we work with and the value that our volunteers can provide, see our list of Project Partners and read our partner stories.

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Once we have validated your application, we will work together to create and publish a detailed description of your project that we will then use to help identify, recruit and onboard the most-suited volunteer talent for your needs.

We look forward to working with you!