Meet Eleonore Buffet…

Eleonore Buffet


Eleonore is a volunteer from France who volunteered with Fauna in Focus in a marketing and eco-tourism development position. Eleonore is now here to tell us about her time volunteering in Siem Reap.


Hi, Eleonore! What was the one single most important reason you decided to volunteer?

I wanted to use my skills in a productive way.


What’s the achievement you’re most proud of during your volunteer term?

Being in charge of eco-tourism development, I have approached many hotels in Siem Reap and its surroundings as well as many travel agencies. I also tried to reach the French community, which is very present here. I was able to organise meetings directly at the centre that were positive for us. I managed to acquire a number of contacts, which I think is a good start for an NGO that had not yet done anything about it. In any case, I tried to do my best to promote the centre as much as possible, because it’s really a project that deserves to grow.

Eleonore at Fauna in Focus


Do you think this volunteering experience helped your future studies or career?

I think that all experiences are essential and allow us to grow from a professional and intellectual point of view. This volunteer experience allowed me to discover a new country and a new culture, which is really great because I study in an international field, for which it’s important to have knowledge about different cultures and countries around the world. It was a rewarding experience.


What was the thing you enjoyed doing the most during your free time in Cambodia?

I enjoyed discovering the other provinces around Siem Reap.


What would be your advice for future volunteers wanting to follow your example?

They have to realise that life here is probably very different from life in their home country.


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