Meet Charlie Caraher…

Charlie at KOW


Hailing from the United States, Charlie has a background in graphic design and had always wanted the opportunity to travel outside of the States. She saw the opportunity to do so via a volunteer position at the Kingdom of Wow (KOW) in Siem Reap, where she volunteered as a communicator, photographer, and graphic designer. Here Charlie tells us about her volunteer experience.


Hi, Charlie! What’s the achievement you’re most proud of from this volunteer experience?

I photographed a new product that KOW will begin to sell this year. It is exciting to see the work I did go towards expanding the company and help contribute to the artistic identity of the company moving forward.

Charlie at KOW


Do you think this volunteer experience helped your future career?

I anticipate that this experience will lead to a different career path than I was on initially. I am more interested in finding way to use my skills to help others in my community than to grown on an individual level.


What is the thing you enjoyed doing the most during your free time?Charlie in Siem Reap

Making friends with expats from around the world and learning about their experiences elsewhere. I also enjoyed exploring Siem Reap and the temples on my own.


Did you experience any kind of problems during your stay in Cambodia?

There were times I felt very homesick. When I felt lonely at home I had friends to call or places to go to recharge. Initially when I felt homesick in Cambodia, I did not always have the resources I was used to, so I had to adjust and learn new tactics for feeling more at home where I was at.


What would be your advice for future volunteers wanting to follow your example?

Do not pack too heavily. Most of the items I brought from home were easier to find in Cambodia than I thought they would be. Also, it’s not necessary to learn how to speak Khmer, but knowing a few basic phrases goes a long way.


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