Boosting your communication skills through a virtual internship.

beatrice-casatiBeatrice Casati is an Italian student in her second year studying  Language, Civilisation and the Science of Language at Ca’ the Foscari University of Venice who has participated in the Virtual Educational Internship Program with Professionals doing good.

It is a three-month internship that allows students to get international work experience whilst at home by helping a sustainable and ethical organization in Cambodia. Today we have interviewed Beatrice to learn more about her journey. 

Hi Beatrice, nice to meet you. Why have you decided to join our Professionals doing good virtual internship program?

In February 2021, I was pretty frustrated due to the pandemic and the several lockdowns occurring in my country (Italy). I decided to take advantage of the benefits of this situation to keep myself busy and do something good. While browsing my university website, I came across Professionals doing good’s internship offer as Social Media and Communication Manager. Since I would like to work in the journalistic field, the project immediately caught my interest. It was the right opportunity to improving my communication skills while contributing to a positive and valuable project.

What was it like doing an internship online?

I was curious to jump into another type of virtual journey. Before, my virtual experiences were only academic – university lessons, exams, laboratories. Luckily, Luisa Gentile, Pdg director,  turned up as a very nice and present tutor. She introduced me to digital technology. During our weekly video calls, we reviewed my progress and planned the tasks for the following week. Thanks to this organization, the virtual aspect was not a problem at all. Everything went smoothly.

What was your internship about?

It was about revamping Professionals doing good presence on social media.  I created several campaigns to share Professionals doing good’s mission and vision. I took care of both the graphic design and writing aspects. My tutor pushed me forward and encouraged me also to write some articles and interviews for Professionals doing good’s blog.

What have you learned?

Social Media could seem like a fun and smooth activity, but it is not.  Many things need to be taken into account: tone of voice, coherence, clarity. Nothing is left to chance. But once you understand how it works and organizes yourself, everything becomes easy and more fulfilling!

What’s the achievement you’re most proud of in your internship and why?

To have provided new ideas to Professionals doing good’s social media strategy. I hope my successor will continue to improve it.

What did you enjoy doing the most about this experience?

Meet a nice person such as Luisa, my tutor. Discover the Cambodian culture, which is quite different from mine. Ge to know me better, both on a personal and professional basis! Sometimes it was hard, but overall it was an enjoyable experience.

What was your least favorite part of the internship and why?

Even though I didn’t have any problem working remotely, it would have been nice to meet the people I connected with in person. They were all interesting and fun!

What did you find to be the most difficult aspect of this internship?

Probably the graphic design side, since I study something completely different and had no preparation at all. I am still a beginner, I enjoyed discovering a new field. Visuality is fundamental nowadays!

What have you discovered about yourself during the internship?

I became aware of my personal and professional strengths, discovering my self-worth. At the same time, I am more conscious of what I still need to improve.

What skills have you developed that you will use in your future career?

This internship allowed me to develop and redefine my communication skills and gain basic graphic design knowledge. Also, remote working boosted my time-management and organization skills.

What suggestions would you give to students who may intern from home in the future?

Be ready to improve as a professional but be also open to acknowledging your difficulties. You’re an intern; you’re here to learn and Professionals doing good know it!


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