Meet Lilia Leung…

LiliaLilia is our very own content developer who is responsible for editing and posting articles onto our website, as well as putting together our monthly newsletter. She is currently based in Switzerland and has been volunteering with us from remote for over a year. Here she tells us about her motivations and her experiences with remote volunteering.


Hi Lilia! How did you get started volunteering with Professionals doing good?

When I had just moved to Switzerland, I was looking for work and not having much success. I decided to sign up for volunteering work to make better use of my time, and wound up making a volunteer profile on the site Code for Social Good, which was where Luisa found me. She was just planning to start a newsletter for Pdg at that time, and needed someone to be responsible for it, and I ended up being that person!


What are some challenges you have had with volunteering remotely?

Luisa is absolutely wonderful to work with, and I’ve had no problems working with her at all, which is one of the reasons that I have been volunteering for Pdg as long as I have. Previously, however, I’ve taken on virtual volunteer work where challenges arose because of miscommunication. For example, there have been parties involved who would continuously miss pre-arranged Skype meetings without notifying others beforehand. Problems would also arise when different parties have different expectations of how others use online communication tools. All in all, communication is very important when you’re working remotely with others, and you should treat your volunteer work and your volunteer colleagues the same way you would treat your work and colleagues at a paid job.


What do you enjoy most about volunteering for Professionals doing good?

Volunteering for Pdg has helped me stay mentally and emotionally sane during a lull in my professional career. I like the feeling of accomplishing something every month, which is in the form of published articles and newsletters in this case. It’s also nice to feel appreciated for the work that I do, which is one of the main reasons I like working for Pdg!


What would be your advice to professionals who are considering volunteering remotely?

Don’t undervalue your time and contributions as a volunteer. Just because you’re a volunteer doesn’t mean that your time and efforts are worth any less than those of a professional at a paid job. Do your best to communicate and work with others, but if it’s not a great fit, find another opportunity where your skills and assets are valued for what they are.


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