Meet Griselda Boquiren…

Griselda in Siem Reap


Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Griselda has a graphic design background and has spent three months volunteering as a graphic designer at New Hope Cambodia, an NGO that provides free education, health care, and community development service to the people of the Mondul Bai village in Siem Reap. Griselda is now here to tell us about her overseas volunteer experience.


Hi Griselda! Tell us a bit about why you applied for this volunteer position, and what you had hoped to achieve from working on this project?

It has been a dream of mine to be a part of a non-profit organisation that allows me to utilise my graphic design skills for a greater cause. To be able to help a health care centre for children in Cambodia not only fulfils that lifelong dream, but it also allows the centre to function at its maximum capacity where the use of promotional materials are very much needed.

With this project, I had hoped to serve the centre with the best of my abilities. I had hoped that by the time I completed the term, everything I have produced and left behind (such as the logo packages or guidelines) would be useful and beneficial for the centre to use and pass on if they chose to do so.

Griselda at New Hope Cambodia

Griselda at New Hope Cambodia

What’s the achievement you are most proud of at the end of your project?

I am proud of the brochures and restaurant flyer that I created for New Hope Cambodia, because I know they will help the NGO gain more donors, volunteers, and sponsors to keep the school running and help the children get free education in Mondul Bai Village.


Do you think this volunteering experience helped your future studies or career?

Definitely. I know a lot of companies appreciate employees that have done internship or volunteering abroad and it makes them an asset to the company.


What would be your advice for future volunteers wanting to follow your example?

Aside from the intention of wanting to help and give back to the community, also think about being practical and realistic. I mean that financially, you should be prepared to support yourself for the whole duration of the project and have a lot of extra money in case of emergencies.


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