Meet Benjamin Itzinger…

Benjamin at Fauna in Focus


Benjamin is a master’s student from Paris who is pursuing a degree in Visual Communication Strategy. He has recently completed his three months volunteer term as a graphic designer at Fauna in Focus, an environmental education and public awareness non for profit in Cambodia. Here he shares his thoughts about his volunteering experience.


Hi, Benjamin! What was your motivation for applying for this project, and what did you hope to achieve from it?

I saw it as an opportunity to work in a new field that would allow me to discover a new aspect of graphic design. I hoped to use my graphic design skills to help Fauna in Focus convey their messages.

I had travelled to many countries before, but only for pleasure. I wanted the opportunity to work in another country and offer my service for a cause that’s important to me. I looked forward to doing an internship overseas that would be helpful and enriching for both myself and others.

Benjamin in the field


How do you feel about your volunteer experience now that you’ve completed it?

I’m proud of the projects I worked on, because I know they will be useful for Cambodian children. It was an incredible experience. I feel like my work has made a great deal of impact, and I was very satisfied with my experience.


Did this volunteering experience help your future studies or career?

Yes! I’m planning to work in foreign countries for different projects in the future. Having this experience certainly would help.


What would be your advice for future volunteers wanting to follow your example?

Don’t hesitate! It is an amazing experience for your personal life and your career.


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