Meet Colin Divola…

Colin was a volunteer for Water for Cambodia (WFC), an organisation that builds and installs biosand water filters that produce clean drinking water for local households. Colin has a background in quality management and product development in food and allied industries, and was tasked with developing and implementing analytical tests, training staff to implement the tests, and contributing to current laboratory practices for WFC. Here, Colin tells us about his volunteer experience in Siem Reap.



Colin, what’s the achievement you’re most proud of during your volunteer term?

I’m most proud of my provision of training and mentorship to one of the laboratory technicians who had limited access to people with the appropriate technical skills and experience who could assist her professional development.


What was your motivation for taking part in this volunteer experience?

As a mature-aged volunteer, my motivations were mostly about giving back to the community and sharing my knowledge and experiences in an environment where I felt it might be of use.


What would be your advice for future volunteers wanting to follow your example?

Firstly, in my own situation, I feel a lot more could have been achieved with a more detailed exchange during the time leading up to my time “on the ground”. I am sure it will be different in every case, but getting as many details about the specifics will assist you in delivering as much as you can in a short time. Secondly, be prepared to do what you can; set modest expectations rather than shoot for the stars.


What would be your overall summary of your volunteer experience?

I’d just like to thank Professionals doing good for facilitating a special experience. I feel I am taking away more than I’m leaving!


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