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Is Cambodia a safe country?

Is Cambodia a safe country?  is often asked by visitors, travelers and international volunteers. The Kingdom of Wonder is a safe place where to live, work and volunteer as long as you follow sensible precautions and stay alert.

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Short term volunteering overseas – Pros and Cons

Volunteering abroad is different from volunteering in your home country in that even if it is for a short duration, it requires time, commitment, and financial sustainability. This is why it is important that you think hard about the experience you want before hand. As per my experience with volunteers, these are some distinct advantages and disadvantages of volunteering in Cambodia.

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Why choose to work or volunteer in Cambodia right now?

Tourists usually choose to visit Cambodia because of its cultural heritage: Angkor Wat is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the largest religious monument ever built. Cambodia’s year-round warm temperature, which is particularly enjoyable during the winter months, combined with its safety and friendliness, results in a welcoming country in which different religions, cultures and nationalities can peacefully leave together. It is called the Kingdom of Wonder for a reason. However, whenever you relocate, there are always deeper reasons than just nice food, good weather or touristic attractions. Below are the ones that made me choose Cambodia.

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Volunteer in Cambodia

We connect volunteers with meaningful projects in Cambodia. We encourage positive change by connecting organizations making a genuine difference, with skilled professionals looking for meaningful ways to volunteer and give back.