The weather system in Cambodia is pretty different – and much simpler – if compared to the Western one.  In fact, the country has two distinct weather seasons: 

  • Dry Season, from October to April, with its peak is November and December. As the name suggests, it is characterized by dry and cool temperatures;
  • Rainy or Wet Season, which starts in May and ends in September. It is defined by constant rainfalls – the so-called “monsoons”. 

Within the two seasons there are variations in temperatures,  with the months between March and June being the hottest, and those between November and February the coolest. 

A Third Season

It is precisely in March and April when the temperatures begin to rise, that something curious goes on. The heat happens to be often interrupted by rainfalls, pre-announcer of the arrival of the monsoon season. These occasional rains are not only appreciated by Cambodians for constituting a break from the heat, but also by mangoes fruits that benefit from their water. 

Thrived by the latter, they fall from trees, covering gardens and streets. Due to its characteristics, the phenomenon is called “Mango Rains” or “Mango Showers”. 

After Mango Rains, it is common to come across families or neighbors cleaning the streets and their gardens, or marketers selling mangoes for free. It is a joyful and enjoyable time for Cambodians, as well as a boost for their harvest activity; since rains have a thriving property, they are crucial for an abundant mango crop. 

The period itself is named after this phenomenon and the following abundance of mangoes, so you could hear Cambodians refer to it as “Mango Season”. Given its importance, Mango Season is often considered Cambodian Third Season

Dry Season or Wet Season? Mango Season!

Given the centrality of the fruit in the Khmer cuisine and the peculiarity of Mango Rains, tourists often consider the months of March and April while planning their trip to Cambodia. Whenever you think about coming and volunteering in this beautiful country, we suggest doing the same

 The Third Season is the funniest and most delicious – rain, thuds, and mangoes everywhere!

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