Protecting your belongings while going overseas


We believe that safety and peace of mind are vital for an overseas volunteering experience. Travel and health insurance coverage is often overlooked, as it’s frequently perceived as an extra cost or something that’s not really necessary. In reality, it’s money well spent to ensure that you’re protected in the event that something unexpected happens while you’re abroad.


Why do you need travel insurance?

Travel insurance allows you to take proper precautions to secure your personal belongings and to protect yourself in case of health issues.

In case of accidents and sickness, travel insurance prevents medical bills from burning a hole in your wallet. Hospitals in developing countries are extremely basic, and the facilities aren’t necessarily what you’re accustomed to at home. Should you need medical attention from a private clinic or private hospital, insurance can protect you from the extremely high costs. Similarly, if medical facilities need to call for evacuation abroad via air travel in the event of a serious injury or illness, insurance can protect you from bills that could be in the range of thousands of dollars.

Insurance is so important that certain NGOs will accept you as a volunteer only upon receiving a copy of your health insurance policy.

In addition to medical insurance, travel insurance helps you keep your things protected so that you can enjoy your volunteer experience without the fear of being empty handed upon your return home in case something unfortunate happens.


What type of coverage should you look for when choosing an insurance policy?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your insurance to make sure you are well covered:

  • Cancellation: Your flight can be reimbursed in case you’re unable to go on your trip because of illnesses or other personal reasons.
  • Lost or stolen gear: You can set up a per-item value limit high enough to cover your gear, computer, or any other valuable item you bring with you if it gets or stolen.
  • Medical and evacuation service: This is probably the most important coverage of all. Make sure that your policy includes emergency treatment, emergency evacuation, and transportation to bring you back home.
  • Personal liability: Accidents happen. If you’re found to be at fault and someone decides to sue you, you want to be covered.


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We encourage you to independently research insurance providers so that you can select the insurance provider and coverage that best suits your unique needs and requirements.

Always remember to carefully read the policy wording, the fine print and particularly the exclusion statements.


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