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Pdg connects volunteers with projects in local Cambodian businesses creating positive change.
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Current opportunities

Volunteer at home : Traduzione di articoli del nostro blog dall’Inglese all’Italiano

Sei di madrelingua italiana, conosci bene l’inglese e vuoi darci una mano a tradurre dei testi on-line? Cerchiamo un volontario/a interessato a tradurre I nostri articoli on-line sul volontariato dall’inglese all’Italiano.

Volunteer at Home : Social Media Management

Are you a communications or social media professional wanting to spend your time in a meaningful way while at home ? Apply now!

Internship in Volunteer Management for Professionals doing good

Professionals doing good is looking for a creative, resourceful and independent volunteer management specialist to help our social enterprise source and manage a global pool of talented professional volunteers willing to put their skills and time at the service of meaningful projects in Cambodia.