International Volunteer Day

Today is the Volunteer’s International day, and for us, it is about celebrating Professionals Doing Good (PDG) amazing professional volunteers worldwide making a genuine difference in Cambodia with their skilled and qualified support.

This year, though, we would like to thank our partners and friends who helped PDG  navigate the troublesome waters of the pandemic.

Says Luisa Gentile, founder of PDG, “With the Cambodian borders closed since March 2020, in 2021, we turned to Volunteer Online as a safe way to keep on helping Cambodian NGOs and Social Enterprises with qualified and skilled help.  It was a new adventure for us, and we are thankful to those who trusted and supported us in making Volunteering from Home initiatives a reality“.

PDG  sincere gratitude goes to:

  • Stuart Culshaw, Co-founder of Tech Writers Without Borders and PDG Probono Advisor, for his creative, high-tech, innovative ideas and unstoppable optimism.
  • Alexandra Albuquerque, Senior lecturer at the ISCAP university in Porto, for choosing PDG as the local partner for the First Edition of The Write Thing, engaging ISCAP students in business development initiatives supporting local NGOs.
  • Lucy Kuzminova, the internship Abroad Unit leader at University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, for trusting highly qualified and motivated internship students with our Virtual Educational Internship Program.
  • Jeremy Freedman, Founder of Global  Nomadic, for advertising pro-bono PDG online volunteering initiatives.
  • Journeys Within Our community, Manava, Water for Cambodia, Pepy Empowering Youth, Tuk Tuk for Children for choosing PDG as a trusted partner for their online volunteering projects in Cambodia.

The future is bright. We hope to see volunteers in Cambodia in 2022

With the soft opening of Cambodian borders in November 2021, while Volunteering Online will remain part of our initiatives,  we hope to safely welcome volunteers again sometime in 2022.

Stay tuned. The future is bright, with Professionals doing good.