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On 27 January, the first case of coronavirus (Covid-19) infection in Cambodia was detected. It concerned a Chinese man who was travelling from Wuhan to Sihanoukville.  To date (02-12-2020) no patients have died from the virus, according to the Cambodian government. Cambodia has been ranked  Level 1: COVID-19 Low  by the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention.  On 16 June, the supervising body of civil aviation in Cambodia announced that it is possible to travel to Cambodia again.

As the global spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 continues, strict COVID-19 entry requirements are still in place to protect the country from a surge of infections.


  1. get a valid visa issued prior to departure by the Cambodian Embassy of your country.  The visa is typically granted for business purposes, therefore remember to bring a copy of your employment letter, written in English and issued, stamped, and signed by your employer in Cambodia. Cambodia has stopped issuing e-visas, visas on arrival, tourists visa and visa exemptions for an unforeseeable future.
  2. have proof of Cambodian Health Insurance coverage of a minimum of USD 50,000 while in Cambodia.
  3. get a medical certificate confirming a negative test for COVID-19, issued no longer than 72 hours prior to the date of travel, from a competent health authority.

Note : Although there are no official indications about it, travelers informed us that to avoid to be rejected at the departure check-in:

  • the medical certificate must be fully written in English
  • the medical certificate shall be issued no longer than 72 hours prior to the arrival date


Deposit of US$2.000

  • All foreign passengers are required to deposit USD2.000 for the COVID-19 service charges at the airport upon their arrival. Once deductions for services have been made, the remainder of the deposit will be returned.
  • This can be paid either by cash or credit card.

 Testing and Quarantine requirements

  • Upon arriving in Cambodia you will  be subject to a COVID-19 test
  • Even if you are tested COVID-19 negative upon arrival, you will be required to remain at a government-designated facility for a mandatory 14 days quarantine under control by the local authority.
  • You will be tested again on the 13th day of the quarantine and discharged should you be confirmed COVID-19 negative.

Deposit reimbursement

  • Upon presenting the negative test results issued on the 13th day of the quarantine by the authorized Provincial Hospital to the authorized Cambodian Asia Bank branch, you will have the remainder of the $2.000 deposit returned, after deducting lab testing, medical treatment and accommodation expenses.

Testing positive

  •  Foreigners that are tested positive in any point in time are taken to a designated public hospital.


The Cambodian government may impose additional movement or travel restrictions on short notice. We advise travelers to monitor the media for information on latest developments and to follow the advice of local authorities or embassies, such as:

You can also join “Cambodia Visa and Work Permit Group“, a private self-managed group on Facebook which aims to share information around Cambodian visas and work permits.

To see the updated figures of COVID-19 cases in Cambodia, check the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.


At Professionals doing good, all of our volunteer and internship projects on the field are currently on hold until further notice and until we are sure we can provide our volunteers a safe and enjoyable experience.

Should you still want to help from home, consider volunteering from remote! Check out our latest virtual volunteering opportunities.


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